Western-Ukrainian Ornithological Station
Західно-Українська орнітологічна станція



Зміст - Contents

1. Міграції птахів
    Bird migrations
2. Загрози мігруючим птахам
    Treats to migrating birds
3. Західно-Українська орнітологічна станція: "AVOSETTA"

Western-Ukrainian ornithological station: "AVOSETTA"

The idea of organisation of field ornithological camp in the Western Ukraine has appeared in 1984. It was expected that the main goal of that camp would be the investigation of bird migration, their ringing and the training of high-quality specialists in ornithology and nature protection. For skill achievement, young ornithologists of the Western Ukraine have accomplished several travels to field ornithological stations in the Eastern Europe. During several years, students of Lviv State University worked at ornithological stations and field camps of Latvia Academy of Sciences near Pape village (Gorban I., Davidovich L., Demchyshyn V., Salyga Y.) in 1984-1990, Polish Academy of Sciences on Gdansk Ornithological Station (Gorban I., Prushynskiy N., Prushynska O., Shydlovskiy I., Chornenka O., Veselskiy M.), field camps near the Visla mouth (Gorban I., Chornenka O., Potysh L., 1987-1995). Several visits were carried out to ornithological Station "Lebedivka" in the Kiev storage lake owned by Ukrainian National Center of Bird Ringing. Gorban I., Savchuk A., Shkaran V., Shydlovskiy I. and Stadnytskiy I. from the club "Man and Nature" have visited it. Then, field camps in Lithua (Ventas-Ragas), Slovak, Chech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Sweitz were visited.

Only in 1995, the field camp "Avosetta" near Cholgini-village (Yavoriv district, Lviv province) was organised. It was fulfilled through the collaboration of Lviv State and Gdansk Universities (work group "Kuling" and the Western Division of Ukrainian Ornithological Society respectively). The placement for the camp was not chosen occasionally. It was carried out only after multiple bird fauna observations during 1988-1995.

The camp was named through the Latin title of Avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta). 10 breeding pairs of this bird were detected in the placement of the camp (about 50 km. from Lviv). By this time, their breeding was not observed on the territory of Western Ukraine during the 100 years.

The camp begun its field work on June 15th, 1995.

Address of station:

Western-Ukrainian Ornithological station
Zoological Museum of LNU
Hrushevsky Str. 4
LVIV 79005
Tel.: (380-322) 794-548
E-mail: zoomus@franko.lviv.ua

4. Орнітологічний заказник "Чолгинський"
    "Cholginsky" ornithological reserve
5. Моніторинг за міграціями. Основні види робіт, методики та результати
    Monitoring on birds migrations. Observations of migrations
6. Новини фауністики
    New data on fauna
7. Охорона території та видів
    Protection of species and habitat
8. Подяки
9. Бібліографія


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