Western-Ukrainian Ornithological Station
Західно-Українська орнітологічна станція



Зміст - Contents

1. Міграції птахів
    Bird migrations
2. Загрози мігруючим птахам
    Treats to migrating birds
3. Західно-Українська орнітологічна станція: "AVOSETTA"
    Western-Ukrainian ornithological station: "AVOSETTA"
4. Орнітологічний заказник "Чолгинський"

"Cholginsky" ornithological reserve

The territory of "Cholginsky" ornithological reserve is located in Ukrainian Roztochchia. Valleys of Shklo and Gnoets river with itўs numerous tributaries are the main relief-making elements of this territory. Those two rivers merge near Yavoriv and fall into Syan.

Reserve is located in climatic zone with excessive moisture.

Mean value of Annual Rate of precipitation is 720 millimeters, mean value of annual rate of evaporation is 608 millimeters. Mean value of monthly temperature in July is +18 0C, in January is -6 0C.

West direction of winds predominates.

Reserves landscape consist of few types of habitats which are characteristic for open locality.

The territory of reserve is divided into two different parts (two stagnant-ponds). Therefore ornithofauna of two parts is somewhat different. That is why, habitats of different parts of reserve are described apart for every part.

These habitats are on the territory of the first stagnant-pond:

  • open water without vegetation. It has particular value for waterfowl (birds).
  • littoral shallows and swampy plots. This territory is warmed in the sun and rich in plankton. Most part of this territory (approximately 70%) is covered with different species of sedges (Carex spp.), reed (Typha sp.) and cereals. Rest territory (appr. 30%) have no aquatic and overgraund vegetation. Catching of warders was hold exactly in this habitat.
  • open droughty plots, which are characterized by more developed vegetable cover. Different species of composites and some xerophyte plants except cereals grows here. Great Ringed Plover, Lesser Ringed Plover, Avocet, Lapwing, Herring and Common Black-Headed Gull are breeding among this vegetation.
  • cereals near 0.5 m. Height. Number of species, which live in these habitats, is very small. Only Lapwing and Red Shank make their nests here. Curlew interrupts and feed here during spring and autumn migrations.

Second stagnant-pond including following habitats:

  • open water. This habitat is very rich in waterfowls.
  • shallows and shores covered with cane (Phragmites sp.), reed (Typha sp.), sedges (Carex spp.). Ducks, Greylag Goos, Mute Swen and are breeding here. Egrets, which are observed here during all summer, probably make their nests here.
  • moist overgrowth with different species of composist, a willows (Salix sp.) and some other. Birds are rarely found here.
  • shortish grasslands (meadows), where small cereals growth. Bare sandy spots occur here. Lapwing, Sky Lark and Meadow and Tanny Pipit, Lesser Ringed Plover and Reed Bunting are breeding here.

Reserve with area of 820 hectares was found by decision of Province council (№ 126, 11.02.1997). Main goals of reserve are:

  • protection and conservation of endangered (rate) bird species occurring here while migrations, which were placed in Ukrainian Red-Data Book;
  • protection of habitats were hunting birds occur and breed.

Monitoring and protection of birds in breeding period in breeding period of migrations was established thanks to fruitful cooperation of Department of Protected areas of Administration of Ecological Safety in Lviv Province and ornithologists from West Ukraine Ornithological Society and Lviv Ornithological Club.

5. Моніторинг за міграціями. Основні види робіт, методики та результати
    Monitoring on birds migrations. Observations of migrations
6. Новини фауністики
    New data on fauna
7. Охорона території та видів
    Protection of species and habitat
8. Подяки
9. Бібліографія

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