Western-Ukrainian Ornithological Station
Західно-Українська орнітологічна станція



Зміст - Contents

1. Міграції птахів
    Bird migrations
2. Загрози мігруючим птахам

Treats to migrating birds

The way of migrations to wintering places is not easy for birds. Except geographical and climatic influences, other dangers are waiting for them.

Hunting and irrational conducting of hunting economy are the most important factors. Hundred of birds are killed for sports. Rare and endangered species are abolished without any reasons or for food when hunting is not under special control.

Catching and commerce of birds exert strong influence on number of birds. Mass catching is the most dangerous. It is carried out while birds migrate and united in large flocks.

Change of environmental: melioration, straighten of river-beds, ploughing of meadows and steppes, cutting forests down, change and destruction of breeding habitats etc. have influence on birds life.

Such actions caused 28 species and 38 subspecies of the world bird fauna to become extinct. This number make up 52 % of all species of birds, that became extinct during 1800-1986 years (according to D. Luter, 1986).

3. Західно-Українська орнітологічна станція: "AVOSETTA"
    Western-Ukrainian ornithological station: "AVOSETTA"
4. Орнітологічний заказник "Чолгинський"
    "Cholginsky" ornithological reserve
5. Моніторинг за міграціями. Основні види робіт, методики та результати
    Monitoring on birds migrations. Observations of migrations
6. Новини фауністики
    New data on fauna
7. Охорона території та видів
    Protection of species and habitat
8. Подяки
9. Бібліографія

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