Western-Ukrainian Ornithological Station
Західно-Українська орнітологічна станція



Зміст - Contents

1. Міграції птахів
    Bird migrations
2. Загрози мігруючим птахам
    Treats to migrating birds
3. Західно-Українська орнітологічна станція: "AVOSETTA"
    Western-Ukrainian ornithological station: "AVOSETTA"
4. Орнітологічний заказник "Чолгинський"
    "Cholginsky" ornithological reserve
5. Моніторинг за міграціями. Основні види робіт, методики та результати
    Monitoring on birds migrations. Observations of migrations
6. Новини фауністики
    New data on fauna
7. Охорона території та видів

Protection of species and habitat

Great diversity of anthropogenic factors and their effects reduce to influence on birds and territories where birds occur. Therefore, it is very important to protect not only birds, but also their habitats.

Adoption of legislative deeds on bird protection is the most common type of protection of nature is used in many countries all over the world. Those deeds can guarantee absolute protection of species, or protection of birds in some periods of their life-cycle (migrations).

The Bonn Convention: "Convention of the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals" was such important legislative deed. It was ratified in Ukraine in 1998. National Red Data Books and Red Lists are the next type of protection of animals in general and birds particularly. 56 species of birds were entered in Ukrainian Red Data Book.

Creation of protected areas in Ukraine is the most valuable and practical type of bird protection. Protected areas are divided into reserves, national and landscape parks. "Cholgini" ornithological reserve is one of such protected areas. Protection of massive crowds of birds in period of migrations was the main goal of creation of reserve.

Nearly 55-75 thousands of birds flight through the territory of reserve in summer-autumn period. They feed and rest here.

That's why ornithologists of West Ukrainian Ornithological Society, members of Ukrainian Union for Bird Protection and inspectors of Administration of Ecological Safety in Lviv Province observe on birds and their massive crowds, investigate ways of their migrations and orientation of birds on the territory of reserve from 1995.

Territory of "Cholgini" reserve is unique among other such areas in Lviv province now. Administration of Ecological safety in Lviv Province proposed to include it into the list of Important Wetlands.

8. Подяки
9. Бібліографія

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