The department of genetics and biotechnology was established in Lviv Ivan Franko national university in 1976. During 1976-1988 the department was headed by associate professor O.Bilokon’, since 1988 till 1994 it was headed by prof. A.Sybirnyy, and since 1994 the head of the department is prof. V.Fedorenko. First schools of department were taught by associate professors M. Stentchuk and D.Maksymiv. The associate professors I.Gladunko, M.Nentchuk, V.Kashchenko, prof. M.Gonchar, Dr’s. A.Furs, T.Konovalova, G.Scherbata and A.Luzhetskyy taught here through different years. The first graduates took place at the department in 1979 year. Since 1979 till 2006 a department prepared 325 specialists-geneticists - graduating students of day division, among them there are citizens of Poland, Greece, India, Madagascar, Vietnam, Venezuela, Ecuador.

Basic research areas were chosen at the first years of department’s activity are the following:

  • genetics, selection and genetic engineering of microorganisms;
  • biochemical genetics and genetics of ontogenesis;
  • genotoxycology.

Research of biochemical and ontogenesis genetics of Drosophila melanogaster is being conducted since the time of department foundation. In 1976-1989 it was performed under the direction of associate professor O.Bilokon’, and since 1990 - under the direction of associate professor Ya. Tchernyk. The unique collection of the genetically modified lines of Drosophila takes place at the department, which is used in the advanced study and in an educational process at the department.

The research of actinomycetes genetics was initiated in 1981 under the direction of professor V.Fedorenko, in particular, study of mechanisms of genetic instability in actinomycetes, genetic control of antibiotics biosynthesis and their antibiotic resistance, development of methods of the genetic and gene-engineering creation of actinomycetes cultures – the producers of antibiotics. Research in area of biochemistry and genetics of methylotrophic yeasts was performed under the direction of prof. A.Sybirnyy in 1987 - 1998.

The scientific research in area of genotoxycology was established in 1980 at the department. This research was managed by associate professors O.Bilokon’ and L. Bodnar. In year 1988 two research laboratories were created at the department – laboratory of genetics, selection and genetic engineering (manager - N.Kirichenko) and – laboratory of genetics and biotechnology (manager - O.Kulachkovskiy ). In year 1999 on the basis of the second mentioned the interfaculty laboratory of electronic microscopy was created. In 1995 the collection of cultures of microorganisms - antibiotic producers was created at the department (scientific leader, prof. V.Fedorenko). By the order of Ministry Cabinet of Ukraine in 2002 it was included to the State register of national property objects of Ukraine.

The dept. of genetics and biotechnology was the organizer of some scientific conferences and symposiums.