The Department of Genetics and Biotechnology trains bachelors, specialists and masters according to the profile "Biology", speciality "Genetics" (full-time section) and "Biology", speciality "Genetics" (correspondence section). The distinctive feature of the educational course at the department is the particular attention to the study of theoretical foundations and methods of molecular genetics, genetic and cell engineering, genetics and selection of microorganisms, biotechnology, genetic aspects of environmental conservation

  • Primary courses at the department
  • Special courses and practical training (for full-time students)
  • Textbooks
  • Master's theses
  • PhD theses

The students take part in the scientific seminars on the actual problems of modern genetics and biotechnology and pass practical training courses. The important component of students' training is computing practice (4th semester), laboratory practice (6th semester) and pedagogic practice (8th semester). The practical training is carried out in the research institutions and biotechnological factories; the pedagogic practice – in Lviv's secondary schools. The best students of 4th and 5th years can study according to the individual plan, combining the study with the work in the scientific or educational institutions.

The graduates pass the state examination in genetics

Students carry out and defend the experimental scientific works:

  • Term paper – 3rd year
  • Degree research – 4th year (the qualification of bachelor)
  • Degree research – 5th year (the qualification of specialist or master)

The best graduates continue study at the postgraduate course in the specialty "Genetics".

The graduates of the department employ:

  • as research workers at the research institutions of genetics, selection, biochemical, microbiological, medical and agricultural profiles, at breeding stations and medical genetic consultation centres;
  • as laboratory assistants and technologists in biotechnological industry;
  • as teachers in secondary and higher educational institutions.