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III International Conference
"Plant Ontogenesis in Natural and Transformed Environments.
Physiological, Biochemical and Ecological Aspects"
October 4-6, 20070 L`viv, Ukraine
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Deadline for registration is April, 30 2007. Later registrations will be surcharged by 30%.

Abstract submission. Word for Windows, Times New Roman, 12 pt, single spaced; margins - 20 mm, 1 page (4). Example:

LANT ONTOGENESIS IN NATURAL AND (Upper case, bold letters)

.rek, .Demkiv (bold letters, underline the name of the presenting author)

Plant Physiology and Ecology Dept.,Ivan Franko National University of L`viv, Hrushevs`ky St., 4, 79005, L`viv, Ukraine, e-mail: (Affiliations should be entered below the authors' names. For Abstracts presented by authors from more than one institution, the names must be followed by a superscripted numeral identifying each author's affiliation.

Main text (introduction, materials and methods, results, conclusions).

All abstracts should be submitted on paper and electronically in rtf format via e-mail (file name - last name of presenting author, for example, terek.rtf) or as the hard copy on 3,5 disc.